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Accesories for fashionble kids from Indikidual SS17 Collection Miso Cool

Indikidual is a British/Swedish brand for all kids up to 10 years. All garments are made using organic cotton and are designed to let kids personalities shine, encourage playful self-expression, spontaneity and dare to be individual. 


AW17 – indikidual investigation incorporated

Inspired by spy’s and secret agents, the indikidual AW17 range is playful and unique with a nod to detective investigations. The theme came about as designer Syreeta Johnsons’ daughter became totally enchanted by all things my mysterious asking again and again to be told puzzling made up stories with curious endings. The collection brings together a selection of fun and quirky hand drawn prints featuring graphic featuring fingerprints, spy glasses, prisoner style stripes and of course the classic banana print. Designed with kids in mind the collection is playfully practical with an extra pinch of personality. 

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