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"JEAN + HADLEY" is a children's designer fashion boutique focusing on playful, fun, and creative designs.


We bring you EMERGING TRANDS and BRANDS from the center of fashion!

Jean + Hadley is located in the New York City area where fashion ideas take root and trends are defined.  We are on the ground here assessing the latest showrooms and tradeshows to bring you the best emerging brands and designs.  We only look for brands that meet both our strict views on material quality and design, as well as our customer’s high expectations.  We want to make our children even more special with creative and functional designs from the Jean + Hadley Collection.  

Our collection focuses on WHAT KIDS LIKE – PLAYFUL, FUN, and IMAGINATIVE DESIGNS! 

Let your children delight in fashion and find joy from their clothing! With our collection, we aim to stimulate our children who are constantly discovering the world around them.   At Jean + Hadley, we love designs that reflect nature with animals, flowers, and trees.  Designs that incorporate artistic motifs with polka dots, ruffles, or abstract art principles are also our favorite. 

Meet the Jean +Hadley collection – fashionable yet functional wear for our curious children!

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